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Info - Contents

Ever wondered what the difference between an iron frame or wooden piano is? Want to find out the age of your piano ? Well now your questions can be answered with our Piano Information Section. If your question is not answered in these sections or if you can't find what you are looking for, try our search facility above. If you still can't find anything then we probably don't have it - sorry (we've published everything we know about pianos on the site, but we are of course constantly updating it!). It may be worth posting a question on our discussion forums.

We regret that it is usually impossible to answer questions of the type "I have a xxxx piano serial number xxxxx, can you tell me anything about it's history?" as records of this type of information are simply not kept. (However, Harrods in London do keep some records of who the original purchasers of their pianos are.) Also, valuation questions such as "I have a xxxxx piano from the year 1920, can you tell me how much it's worth please" are simply not possible to answer - best to get a local piano tuner or shop to do an appraisal for you.

Piano Pages Information about various makes of piano - a page devoted to each make, e.g. Steinway, Kimball etc. This is where there is serial number, age and manufacturer information for 600+ makes of pianos. Where a company is still in existence (many are not) we have linked to the current web site.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about pianos.

Piano Ratings Rough guide to piano quality.

Serial Numbers How Old is that Piano? - Where to find the serial number.

Piano Valuation Rough guide to valuing pianos.

RAQs Recently asked questions from our Forum and emails - with answers.

Piano Care How to look after your piano.

Piano Tuning How often should it be done? How is a piano tuned and other questions answered.

Figures Various figures of adjustments being made to pianos.

Sounds Hear the difference between various types of piano.

Recommended Books all about pianos.

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