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Piano: Bluthner

JULIUS BLUTHNER Leipzig, Germany
Production began in 1853
Since 1972 VEB Bluthner-Pianos
Since Julius Bluthner Pianofortefabrik GmbH, Franz-Flemming Str. 39, O-7033 Leipzig, Germany

USA Contact - German Piano Imports LLC, 5660 W Grand River, Lansing, MI 48906

UK Contact:

Bluthner Pianos Ltd
8 Berkeley Square London W1J 6EE
Tel: 020 7753 0533 Fax: 020 7753 0535
Web Site : http://www.bluthners.co.uk/

November 1853 One of the best known piano makers of that time was Breitkopf & Hartel, still known today as a prominent music publisher. These were strong reasons for Julius Bluthner to start his piano making in Leipzig after having spent several years wandering from one piano maker to another to improve on his knowledge of the craft. In November 1853 he began with three men and his instruments found immediate acclaim among the musical bourgeoisie. Julius Bluthner founded 1853 in Leipzig, the Bluthner name has an enviable reputation for over 140 years and in the opinion of many world famous artists and musical connoisseurs has reached the pinnacle of perfection. It was also essential to furnish instruments to the Royal Courts of many European countries, among which were the German Kaiser, Queen Victoria, the Russian Tsar, the Danish King, the Turkish Sultan and of course the King of Saxony. Bluthner pianos are appreciated particularly for their warm, rich tone and superior craftsmanship, which has been confirmed time and again by professional and international opinion. Their reputation is built upon a long tradition of careful manufacturing and particular attention to soundboard design.

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Video - Bluthner 1890's Upright Piano Playing Chopin Black Key Etude

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