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Secondhand Yamaha Pianos (used)

Official Yamaha web site.

Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd.

Hamamatsu / Japan

Yamaha Europa GmbH., Rellingen / Duitsland

Yamaha Corporation - America

6600 Orangethorpe, Buena Park, CA 90620
Fax 714-527-5782
800-854- 1569

Yamaha Kemble Music (UK) Ltd,
Acoustic Division,
Sherbourne Drive,
Milton Keynes,
Tel 01908 366700, Fax 01908 369225

Yamaha Europe website
Yamaha Thomaston Georgia Website - includes a video of the manufacturing process

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Yamaha Pianos also make the famous Clavinova Digital Pianos and the modern "Player Piano" type Disklaviers. Links: Yamaha Grand Piano Disklaviers Yamaha Upright Piano Disklaviers

Yamaha Grand Piano Model Numbers Explained

A Thread from rec.music.makers.piano


I was looking at some ads for Yamaha grands which mentioned models C and G. Yamaha's web site only describes the model C. Can someone tell me what the difference is? Are there any web sites which describe the various manufacturer/model differences?

T Wilson


The C series is Yamaha's professional series grands. The G series was made primarily for the home. The G1 and G2 were replaced by the C1 and C2. The C1 and C2's are best suitable for the home. The C3 and up are best suitable for performance venues but also do extremely well in the home. The rest of the G series as far as I know is discontinued. Perhaps Dave or Rick could elaborate on this further. The S series is Yamaha's handcrafted series and is comparable to Steinway (and the price reflects it!)

I Bruton


If Yamaha is the finest piano in the world, why would it be comparable to Steinway, which you imply is not the finest...

I have played a lot of S400, S4, S6, etc., and they are certainly head and shoulder above the C series, but for the same money, or often less, I'd go for a Steinway at any time. The C3, while a fine piano, is sitting at my parents' house, and in my house are a DuoArt M and a Hamburg B.

Ken Lisaka


The G1 & G2 were replaced in the early 90's by the C1 and C2. Those two pianos have a more refined scale design and continued the Yamaha trend of "mellowing" the overall sound of the instrument. The G3/5 & C3/5 co-existed, and when the C1&2 were introduced the G3/5 were discontinued and the C3 and up got some significant design changes.

I can't quote specifics on the design changes from the G1 - C1 other than to say the pianos have a distinctly different sound and feel.



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