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The Virtual Pianoshop :: Info :: Piano Sounds

Piano Sounds

NB These sounds are stored in .wav format so are fairly large files (~ 70 KB) and not compatible with all machines.

Comparison of various piano sounds

This is the same two bass notes played on a large bechstein upright, a large grand piano (6 ft 9 inch) a small grand piano (4 ft 6 inch) and a small straight strung upright piano.

Bechstein Upright Bass
Large Grand Bass
Small Grand Bass
Small Straight Strung Upright Bass

Concert Pitch

This is the sound of C above Middle C on a piano tuned to Concert Pitch.

Concert Pitch C 523 Hz

The Webmaster's own grand piano.

Hardman Grand Piano

Out of Tune Note

This note has been deliberately detuned so you can hear what it sounds like.

Out of Tune Note

Comparison between underdamping and overdamping

Listen to the sample below and note the difference between the "Ring On" you get with an overdamped piano and the almost instant note stop with an underdamped piano.

Poor damping of an Overdamper Piano
More Overdamed Sound
Underdamped Piano 1
Underdamped Piano 2

Sustain Pedal on vs Pedal off

A single note played on an acoustic piano. Firstly with the pedal off. Then with the pedal on. Listen to the much larger resonance of sound as the whole piano vibrates in sympathy with the note when the pedal is on.

This is something digital piano struggle to emulate - and do it very poorly even now. One of the main reasons why acoustic pianos have a much richer sound than digital pianos.

Single note - pedal off
Single note - pedal on

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