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Most Recent Pianos
 walnut gloss finish,  cased 2013 Lippmann piano £1350.00 Lippmann walnut gloss finish, 4ft 8in long X 3ft 7in high
red mahogany  cased  Samick piano $6995 USD Samick red mahogany 4’ 11 1/2”
Ebony  cased 1976 Yamaha U1H piano £2250 ono Yamaha U1H Ebony
Ebony  cased 1977 Yamaha piano £4000 Yamaha Ebony 5'7" long 4'10" wide
Brentwood, Essex
Wood  cased Not known Unknown piano £300.00 Unknown Wood L1340 x H880 xD570
Bishops Stortford
  cased  Samick piano 850 Samick
Teak  cased 1987 Fazer piano £800 Fazer Teak 57" x 42 and a half inches
Hibaldstow, Brigg

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