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Piano Questions

If you have a general question about pianos or a particular piano please post it on our general discussion forum here.


We regret that it is usually impossible to answer questions of the type "I have a xxxx piano serial number xxxxx, can you tell me anything about it's history?" as records of this type of information are not kept. Also, valuation questions such as "I have a xxxxx piano from the year 1920, can you tell me how much it's worth please" are simply not possible to answer - best to get a local piano tuner or shop to do an appraisal for you. You are welcome to post a question on the forum.


If you have any feedback / suggestions about this web site please post it on our suggestion forum here.

Information on valuation and ratings can be found on this web site. If, after using our search facility, you still can't find what you are looking for, please post a question on one of our discussion forums.

Finally, if you want to contact us regarding any of the following categories:

then please use the contact form below:

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