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Selling Your Piano

Register Here to become a member to sell your piano online.

If you have a piano to sell, advertise it here and you can include a picture of your piano. We've sold hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of our client's pianos since March 2000, yours could be next!

How it works

- Your contact details (minimum required is geographical area and e-mail address) will be added to our database and you will then be logged in to add your piano details and upload a photograph if you have one. It's easy and only takes a minute or so. If you want to change your advertisement or delete your piano at a later date you can do this easily, you'll be sent instructions on how to do this via e-mail.

Scam warning

- If you advertise your piano on this web site, there is a small chance that you may be contacted by fraudsters. We do all we can to stop this activity but, as with anything, there are always those that slip through the net. 99% of enquirers are genuine but if you are contacted by someone from a foreign country asking about shipping costs and/or offering to pay by cheque in advance before collecting the piano and without first seeing it, then it probably is a scam.

Please Register to become a member to sell your piano online.

Not sure how much your piano is worth?

First have a look at the other pianos for sale to get an idea of what other pianos are going for.

Have a look at the piano valuation page and the piano ratings page.

As a general rule, old upright straightstrung pianos are worth very little (a couple of hundred pounds or less) these days and really should be scrapped!

Older overstrung pianos are worth a few hundred pounds or so depending on their tone and condition.

Including a Picture

When you add your details to our database you can upload a photograph. You can upload any size are the system will resize it to thumbnail, on-page and full size.

The small print:

Advertising your piano on this service is free for private sellers. Dealers please contact us for pricing

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