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Unsolicited Testimonials

"I like your site, and recommend it to people for buying and selling pianos... wearing my other hat as a piano mover.
I also use it to see images of pianos customers want moved.. so I know what is coming!

You beat ebay into a cocked hat for buying pianos any day!"

"Just felt I had to congratulate you on a brilliant site. So easy to follow, links are a breeze. Just great!!"

"I was very pleased with the speed with which I sold the piano on your site. With all good wishes for the new year."

"This is a fantastic web site!!"
Robert Dunning

"Craig, You are a star! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! You have really helped me out. By the way, I think the virtualpianoshop.com site is excellent, it has been exceedingly useful."
David Ward-Campbell

"Thank you for this WONDERFUL web site! I am just starting to shop for a grand piano and it can be difficult to know the difference between fact and salesman's "hype" . Your site has just the information I was looking for."
Patricia Norwood

"Great website"
John Droy

"Have just surfed you web site....very good it is too!"
Linda from Lloyd and Keyworth Music in Farnham

"I didn't know such a helpful website existed !"

"I like your site - it's well designed."

"I will say again your web site is excellent and has helped to take some of the fear out of buying a piano ... and knowledge gleaned from your pages is very useful"

"Thanks for your service - I like the site and it works well. I look forward to selling a piano through it!"

"comments: Great web page. We were able to find out some comparative info of the piano before we bought it. There is not such a site in Australia but your information was still helpful. The piano restorer who worked on the Ronisch thought your rating system was a good laugh - especially for the one star rating - keep you warm in winter!!"

"You have a very nice looking web site..."

"We like your site very much..."

"Great Web Site!!!!"

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