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Upright Piano: Steinhart EJ Riley&Son     

Ref: u0015512

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Piano Image 2 of mahogany cased  early 20th century Steinhart EJ Riley&Son Upright piano  for sale  in Reading
Piano Image 1 of mahogany cased  early 20th century Steinhart EJ Riley&Son Upright piano  for sale  in Reading

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Piano Make: Steinhart EJ Riley&Son
Casework: mahogany
Price: £150
Size: (Medium Upright) Height 118 to 132 cm or 47" to 52"
Size Details: 4'9" long 4' high
Approx Year: early 20th century
Serial Number:
Area: Reading
Date Posted: Mon 21st Aug 2017
Contact: Peter Hitchen
Description:A well maintained upright overstrung piano with mahogany case and 85 key keyboard. Regularly tuned and plays a semitone below pitch. It has good tone and would suit both beginner and anyone who has a love of piano. Case is attractive mahogany with aged front panels to medium brown.

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